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Automotive Products for the Sector´s Distributors

At Flow Química we offer a wide range of professional quality automotive products and all the guarantees. Check our technical datasheets

We have all kinds of automotive products such as Coolant Antifreeze 20%, Antifreeze Coolant C, Antifreeze Coolant 30%, Antifreeze Coolant 50%, Antifreeze Coolant G12 50%, Antifreeze Coolant 5%, Antifreeze Coolant 10%, Antifreeze Food, Cooler Dashboard , Air Cleaner, Tire Cleaner, Mosquito Cleaner, Brake Cleaner, Radiator Cleaner, Food Antifreeze, Brake Fluid, Distilled Water, Concentrated Cream, Soap for Mechanics, Hand Paste, Engine Cleaning, Tunnel Shampoo, Body Cleaner, Water Repellent Bodywork , Upholstery Cleaner, Degreaser and Degreaser, Tire Cleaner, Windshield Washer, Tire Polisher, Manual Body Shampoo, AdBlue ...

anticongelante AZUL 5%

AntiFreezer & Coolant C.C. 5 %
ref: A-1603V
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anticongelantes rosa 10%

AntiFreezer & Coolant C.C. 10 %
ref: A-1604R
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anticongelante refrigerante 20%

AntiFreezer & Coolant C.C. 20 %
ref: A-0600
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anticongelantes refrigerante 30%

AntiFreezer & Coolant C.C. 30 %
ref: A-0603V
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anticongelantes refrigerante 55%

AntiFreezer & Coolant C.C. 55 %
ref: A-0614
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anticongelante refrigerante Puro G-13

AntiFreezer & Coolant Pure G-13
ref: A-0602
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Liquido de Frenos DOT4 FLOW

Brake fluid DOT4 FLOW
ref: A-0701
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Limpiador Circuitos Cerrados

Closed Circuit Cleaner
ref: A-0611
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Lavaparabrisas Limpiacristales

Windshield Glass & Window Cleaner
ref: A-0917
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Abrillantador Salpicaderos

DashBoard Clean & Shine
ref: A-0607
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Abrillantador Neumáticos

Tyre Clean & Shine
ref: A-0608
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Limpiador de Frenos

Brake Cleaner
ref: A-0610
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Desengrasante Mosquitos

Mosquitoes Cleaner Remover
ref: A-0609
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Agua Destilada

Distilled Water
ref: A-0705
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Master Hand

Master Hand
ref: A-0801
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Jabón para Mecánicos

Mechanic Soap
ref: A-0802
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Pasta de Manos Mecánicos

Mechanic Hand Paste
ref: A-0803
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Limpieza de Motores

Engine Cleaner
ref: A-0812
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Champú para Túneles

Car Wash Tunnel Shampoo
ref: A-0901
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Limpieza de Tapicerias

Carpet Cleaner
ref: A-0908
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Hidrofugante Carrocerias

Car Body Hydrofugant
ref: A-0904
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Limpiador de Llantas

Rim Cleaner
ref: A-0910
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Espuma Activa Carrocerias

Car Body Active Foam
ref: A-0913
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Champú Carrocerias Manual

Hand-Washing Car Body Shampoo
ref: A-1902
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Limpieza Carrocerias

Car Body Cleaner
ref: A-0903
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Anticongelante Alimentario

Food AntiFreezer
ref: A-0615
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